Issue 7: January 2017

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1. Authenticating the Imaginary: Cloaking with History the Characters of O’Brian’s Fiction and Weir’s Film
Daniel Reynaud
(Avondale College of Higher Education)

2. ‘Physical disability’ or ‘hypochondria of pinchbeck passion?’: The role of sexology in the diagnosis of a lesbian identity in Britain, 1900-1930
Kathryn Shaw (King’s College London)

3. The Jews of Najrān: Their origins and conditions during pre- and early Islamic history, 525 -661 CE
Owed Abdullah al-Nahee (University of Birmingham)


Timothy Tackett: The Coming of the Terror in the French Revolution
M. Earl Smith (The University of Pennsylvania)

Celia Hughes: Young Lives on the Left: Sixties Activism and the Liberation of the Self
Josh Allen (University of Birmingham)

Kate Law: Gendering the Settler State: White Women, Race, Liberalism and Empire in Rhodesia, 1950-1980
David Kenrick (Oxford University)

Cynthia Hahn and Holger A. Klein (eds.): Saints and Sacred Matter: The Cult of Relics in Byzantium and Beyond
Krisztina Ilko (University of Cambridge)

Alex Borucki: From Shipmates to Soldiers: Emerging Black Identities in the Rio de la Plata
Elizabeth Libero (University of Colorado)

Douglas H. Johnson: Empire and the Nuer: Sources on the Pacification of the Southern Sudan, 1898-1930
Richard Daglish (University of St. Andrews)

Raphael Lyne: Memory and Intertextuality in Renaissance Literature
Catherine Evans (University of Sheffield)