Current Issue

Issue 6: February 2016


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1. The Amir, Neutrality and Rumour During the First World War
Liam Morton
 (King’s College London)

2. Mothers and Labourers: North Korea’s Gendered Labour Force in Women in Korea
Amanda Anderson
 (University of Wollongong)



Gavin Schaffer: The Vision of a Nation: Making Multiculturalism on British Television, 1960-80
Rob Waters (Queen Mary University of London)

Camille Lefebvre: Frontières de Sable, Frontières de Papier
Paul Naylor (University of Birmingham)

Megan Leitch: Romancing Treason: The Literature of the Wars of the Roses
Katie Bridger (University of Leicester)

Kate Skinner: The Fruits of Freedom in British Togoland: Literacy, Politics and Nationalism, 1914-2014
Joe Philp (University of Cambridge)

Tara Pederson: Mermaids and the Production of Knowledge in Early Modern England 
Tom Colville (King’s College London)

Adia Benton: HIV Exceptionalism 
Joe Abell (University of Birmingham)