Editorial Board

General Editors

Shahmima Akhtar (SSA049@bham.ac.uk)
Ruth Lindley (RML033@bham.ac.uk)

Committee Members

Abi Farrell, Abbey Rees-Hales, Charles Green, Cosmin Tudor, Daniel Schuster, David McGregor, Duncan Frankis, Emma Barrett, Georgie Fitzgibbon, Harpreet Bhelley, Helen Tatlow, Jamie Edwards, Josh Allen, Laura Sefton, Mary Odhiambo, Peter Farrell-Vinay, Rebecca Frederickson, Sara Tarter, Sue Bishop, Tayler Meredith, Zulaikha Faatima.

Special thanks also go to our anonymous peer-reviewers for their patient and considered feedback.

All Editorial Board members are involved in strategic planning, administration, editing and publishing.

Unless you have an enquiry for a specific individual, please contact us at jhac@contacts.bham.ac.uk