Issue 1: September 2012

Issue 1: September 2012


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1. Sincere Lies and Creative Truth: Recantation Strategies during the English Reformation
Angela Ranson (University of York)
* This was awarded our ‘best article’ prize

2. United Nations Headquarters, New York: The Cultural-Political Economy of Space and Iconicity
Jessica Field (University of Manchester)

3. Ahafo: Big Men, Small Boys and the Politics of Regionalism in Ghana from 1896 -1986
Kwame Osei Kwarteng (University of Cape Coast)

4. The 1958 Tour of the Moiseyev Dance Company: A Window into American Perception
Victoria Hallinan (Northeastern University)


Timothy Mitchell: Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil
Andrew Jones (University of Birmingham)

Matthew Boswell: Holocaust Impiety in Literature, Popular Culture and Film
Diana Popescu (University of Southampton)

Jeremy Jennings: Revolution and the Republic: A History of Political Thought in France since the Eighteenth Century
Eric Brandom (Duke University)

Egodi Uchendu: Dawn for Islam in Eastern Nigeria: A History of the Arrival of Islam in Igboland
Josip Matesic (University of Wollongong)

Sebastian Conrad: German Colonialism: A Short History
Michael Amundsen (Tallinn University)

Robert Somerville: Pope Urban II’s Council of Piacenza
Michael Tivey (Independent Scholar)

Andrew Thompson: Britain’s Experience of the Empire in the Twentieth Century
Patrick Longson (University of Birmingham)

Nico Slate: Cosmopolitanism: The Shared Struggle for Freedom in the United States and India
Zachary Wakefield (Auburn University)