Issue 3: November 2013

Issue 3: November 2013


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Journal of History and Cultures




1. Projecting Power in Sixth-Century Rome: The church of Santi Cosma e Damiano in the late antique Forum Romanum
Daniel Cochran
 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2. Diplomacy as Black Cultural Traffic: debates over race in the Asian travels of Adam Clayton Powell and Carl Rowan
Robeson Taj P. Frazier
 (University of Southern California)

3. The Black and the White Bride: Dualism, Gender, and Bodies in European Fairy Tales
Jeana Jorgensen
 (Butler University)



Inderjeet Parmar: Foundations of the American Century: The Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations in the Rise of American Power
Ben Offiler (University of Nottingham)

Michael Keevak: Becoming Yellow: A Short History of Racial Thinking
Robert Brown (University of Birmingham)

Megan Kate Nelson: Ruin Nation: Destruction and the American Civil War
Kristen Brill (University of Cambridge)

Jim Downs: Sick from Freedom: African-American Illness and Suffering during the Civil War and Reconstruction
David Graham (Purdue University)

Mabel O. Wilson: Negro Building: Black Americans in the World of Fairs and Museums
Emily Trafford (University of Liverpool)

Jonathan Karam Skaff: Sui-Tang China and its Turko-Mongol Neighbours: Culture, Power, and Connections, 580-800
Geoffrey Humble (University of Birmingham)

Anne Jacobson Schutte: By Force and Fear: Taking and Breaking Monastic Vows in Early Modern Europe
Lauren Horn Griffin (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Tony Kushner: The Battle of Britishness: migrant journeys, 1685 to the present
Saima Nasar (University of Birmingham)