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Issue 9 ‘Home Now Available!


After much hard work by all the individuals involved with this publication, we are proud to announce the publication of the newest edition! The theme of this edition is ‘Home’, and includes two book reviews, and six research articles that expand our understanding of the concept of home in Europe, North America and Africa. The time frame goes from early modern to modern. So please, download and enjoy!

Issue 9 ‘Home’ Journal of History and Cultures

Land, Home and Nation: The Ideology and Activities of the Land Home League, 1911-1918′ by Steven Woodbridge, Kingston University

‘Mind, Body, Room: Alternative Forms of Dwelling for Women in the Twentieth Century’ by Matilda Blackwell, University of Birmingham

‘The Devil is in the Kitchen: Transforming Domestic Space into Heretical Space in Sixteenth Century Venice’ by Julie Fox-Horton, East Tennessee State University

‘A.M. Homes’s The Safety of Objects: People and Feelings as Objects in the American Suburban Home’ by Barbara Miceli, Uniwersytet Gdanski

‘Forward for our Homes!’ Lyrical Expressions of Home Heard in Irish American Civil War Songs’ by Catherine Bateson, Durham University

‘Colonial Child Survival Initiatives in Southern Cameroons: A Challenging Multi-Actor Sector, 1922-1961’ by Michael Kpughe Lange, University of Bamenda

Also, in developing news, we are having our first EVER printed edition! The printed edition is not out yet, but will be in the next few weeks. If you or your library is interested in a copy (limited number available!) please email,!