Issue 5: January 2015

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Rebecca Jones (University of Birmingham) and Tom Penfold (University of Johannesburg)


1. Breaking Bread Memories for the Future
Alexandra Littaye
 (University of Oxford)

2. Sites of Remembering and Forgetting: Memory Work in 1950s Museums in France and Germany
Stephanie Bostock
 (Bangor University)

3. Out of sight but not out of mind: Absence as presence in French postmemory narrative
Rebekah Vince (University of Warwick)

4. Expressing Guineidade Through Lit/Orature: Semedo, Sila and their Meta-Narratives of Orality
Francesca Frascina
 (University of Birmingham)



Archive Notes: Travelling Africa & the Archives
Kai Easton (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Elizabeth O’Kelly’s Unpublished Book Eleven Exciting Years as a Colonial Officer in Pre-Independence Cameroon
Jade Elizabeth Lee (School of Oriental and African Studies)

The Colonial Archives: Photographs of Uganda and European Imaginative Constructions of Africa
Jaya Shakira Kamlesh Madhvani (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Historical and Archival Interplay: Reality/Fiction, Sierra Leone and Slavery
Jackie Mustoe (Independent Scholar)