Issue 9: February 2019

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1. Land, Home and Nation: The Ideology and Activities of the Land and Home League, 1911-1918
Steven Woodbridge
(Kingston University)

2. Mind, Body, Room: Alternative Forms of Dwelling for Women in the Early Twentieth Century
Matilda Blackwell (University of Birmingham)

3. The Devil is in the Kitchen: Transforming Domestic Space into Heretical Space in Sixteenth-Century Venice
Julie Fox-Horton (East Tennessee State University)

4. A.M. Homes’s The Safety of Objects: People and Feelings as Objects in the American Suburban Home
Barbara Miceli (Uniwersytet Gdański)

5. ‘Forward for our homes!’ Lyrical Expressions of Home Heard in Irish-American Civil War Songs
Catherine Bateson (Durham University)

6. Colonial Child Survival Initiatives in Souther Cameroons: A Challenging Multi-Actor Sector, 1922-1961
Michael Kpughe Lang (The University of Bamenda)


Homeland and Empires: Indigenous Spaces, Imperial Fictions and Competition for Territory in Northeastern North America, 1690-1763 by Jeffers Lennox 
Krystl Raven (University of Saskatchewan)

Conquering Sickness: Race, Health, and Colonization in the Texas Borderlands by Mark Allan
Evan C. Rothera (Sam Houston State University)